Spectacular Stab From Marilyn Manson to Justin Bieber

Manson, who recently toured “Heaven Upside Down” (his latest single with Johnny Depp in the video), returned to the subject on the radio show “The Scully Show”, where he gave new details of his encounter with the voice of “Sorry”.

marilyn manson and justin bieber

A few days after revealing the truth behind her supposedly friendly media, Marilyn Manson once again referred to Justin Bieber and in even worse terms than in his last speech, when he clarified how the Canadian ended up one day telling him that, thanks to him, g3 had once again make him “relevant again”.

The war between Justin Bieber and Marilyn Manson is hotter than ever. The conflict, which began after the redesign of a shirt by the rocker, has never finished and seems to continue to make headlines.

It all started with the shirt that designer Jerry Lorenzo decided to update. A design that included the photograph of Marilyn next to the words “Bigger than Satan”.

However, the new (much more expensive) garment included the name ‘Bieber’ just below the phrase of ‘Satan’, something that Man´╗┐son seem to not like .

Apparently the rocker is very angry with little Bieber for his attitude in this conflict and does not intend to ‘forgive’ if he continues with the same attitude.

Long ago, Justin Bieber and Marilyn Manson sealed their enmity in front of everyone. At last he did not like Justin Bieber to say that he had made it “relevant” again after wearing his t-shirts on his last tour. And so the war began. A war that has not stopped since and that, much we fear, goes for long. The last episode was starred by Marilyn Mason. During the broadcast of a radio program with host Cindy Scull, Marilyn has had very clear words for Justin who has not yet spoken about it. What happened to Justin’s head to do this? There is no explanation for Manson although apparently he does not try to find it because “he does not know how to use the mind of a squirrel,” he said in the program.

In addition, Manson made a comment on the religious tendencies of the Canadian; was a few weeks ago when Justin Bieber decided to cancel what remained of his world tour and many assured that he did after joining Hillsong Church.

“He’s in some religious sex cult with the Asian version of Dave Narro (member of Jane’s Addiction),” he continued in relation to the new spiritual concerns that the Canadian has publicly manifested. Despite all these words, which have fallen like a pitcher of cold water on people who feel close to Justin, Marilyn has ended up saying that he does not want fights because “I do not fight with girls.” We’ll see how this ends.

In dialogue with Cindy Scully, the musician said he did not understand Bieber’s reaction that time because “I do not know how to use the mind of a squirrel”. But Manson did not stay there, and said he would rather not discuss it publicly because it is not good “to fight with girls. ”

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