Justin Timberlake could be the star of the Super Bowl 2018

The Super Bowl is every year one of the great sporting events not only because of its sporting importance, but above all because of the spectacle of its celebration and its famous show .

Although American football has much less diffusion outside the United States, the country has been able to promote it based on the musical marketing, and always has performances of stars of first level .

Justin Timberlake


And so it will remain in its 2018 edition, judging from what has unveiled US Magazine, which is that Justin Timberlake is finalizing the agreement to star in that show at the break.

According to the media, the NFL has approached the singer to ask if he would be willing to be the big non-sport star next February 4 in Minneapolis, date and venue for the 2018 Super Bowl.

A source close to Timberlake says he is “finishing” this agreement , and clarifies that although there have been rumors that could also be Jay-Z, “at this time, it will only be Justin.No surprise singers.”

With just over five months remaining for the Super Bowl, Justin Timberlake is the name that most sounds in the pools as the next singer chosen to perform on the biggest television show in the United States. A challenge that is not new to the artist,  because 13 years ago, with Janet Jackson, the controversial performance that marked a milestone in history: that the singer showed a nipple instituting censorship and a few minutes late in the live broadcasts on American television.

What then acquired the name of pezongate refers to the moment in which Jackson showed her chest during the intermediate of the end of the American football league in a spectacle released in prime time in February of 2004. At the end of the performance, where the singers simulated an attempt at seduction while playing the song Rock Your Body duo, Timberlake tossed the gladiator dress that Jackson wore and broke – they did see inadvertently – the cup that covered the right breast of the artist, leaving this exposed before the millions of spectators.

A moment that angered the Conservatives and prompted the Federal Communications Commission to rule that thereafter the broadcasting in the United States was delayed five minutes, enough time for the censors to cut the excesses.

If Timberlake completes negotiations with the Super Bowl organization, which according to US Magazine is in process, another open front of his new show would be the possibility of reuniting on stage with Britney Spears, with whom he had a relationship with at the end of the nineties. There are many who speculate this possibility.

Other possible names that sound to act in the middle of the Super Bowl are Jay-Z or Christina Aguilera.

All the hot spots point to Justin Timberlake as the manager of the action part of the Super Bowl. And, although nothing has been confirmed yet, if we finally see the singer, it would not be his first time on that stage, as he starred in one of the most controversial performances with Janet Jackson.

Although there are still months for the Super Bowl to arrive , the names of the artists that could act in the break of the game begin to play.


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