Justin Bieber Surprised his Fans with a New Giant Tattoo

Justin Bieber (23) surprised his nearly 100 million followers on Instagram by showing his torso covered by new tattoos that almost leave no place open.

Justin Bieber tattoo

Despite all the eccentricities he has made since he rose to fame, discovered accidentally on YouTube by the music industry executive Scooter Braun in 2008, Justin Bieber does not cease to amaze his followers.

We hardly remember what Justin Bieber’s skin was like before he started tattooing, as his image of innocent pop star was over in 2010, when he began to become more and more addicted to tattoos.

This weekend, the Canadian singer added “one more streak to the tiger” and bragged it through a video on Instagram . In fact, the singer’s numerous tattoos had ceased to amaze his fans, however, this time his new design has caught the attention because it covers his torso almost in its entirety, mingling with other tattoos already on his chest.

Bieber has posted a video of the whole process on his official account of Instagram, which has revolutionized social networks. So far, it has 8.5 million views and 170,000 comments.

Although he has not given details on the design, it is believed that his huge tattoo is related to religion, as you can see a figure on the right side of his torso and, in addition, a profile bird, as well as a kind of Gothic background. What does that mean?

justin bieber tattoo

It is known that Keith ‘Bang Bang’ McCurdy is the professional tattooist whom Justin has resorted to this year to put ink on his skin.

The Canadian singer has put on a new tattoo, but like everything else he does in this Bieber life, he has done it in a big way. “Bang Bang” McCurdy, a renowned tattoo artist from other stars such as Rihanna or Katy Perry, has been charged with covering his entire chest with an engraving that looks like a work of art, more than a simple drawing.

Rihanna, Katy Perry or Cara DeLevingne have already passed through his hands. And according to the artist’s testimony, Justin went through a 26-hour tattooed session over 3 days of work.

“It is a symbol of Gothic art, the struggle between light and darkness , good and evil, Ying and Yang,” says the tattoo artist, who shows that two angels were added, one each on the one side and under each one is the devil, they dominate him.”

In March of this year Bieber added two new tattoos he wears on his chest – two ferocious animals – which he had been presuming along with a cross and an eagle in the middle of his abdomen.

The Canadian tattooed his entire abdomen with a design inspired by Gothic, including angels, demons and religious architectures. He joined them to those he already had made in the pecs, resulting in a true work of art.

The passion for tattoos is not something new in Bieber: in 2010, when he was 16 years old, the first one was made, which was the silhouette of a small bird on the hip, and today he has about 60 all over his body.

Among the designs he wears is a scale reproduction of his mother’s eye, Pattie Mallette, a portrait of Jesus Christ, an owl, a rose, the word Forgive and a cross.

Many of his followers were horrified by the size and drawing of the tattoo, others applauded his decision. It is not the first tattoo of the artist. For several years he has been an amateur to cover his body with prints of all kinds. First was a musical note in the abdomen, then a phrase on the side of the torso that was followed by the title of his album “Believe” on the forearm and, months later, was a crown on his back.

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