Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are Back Together

After these last weeks a possible reconciliation between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez was rumored after being seen together in Los Angeles and to know that the breakup of Selena with The Weeknd, already is official, sources near US Weekly confirm that they return to be together.

Justin Biebetr and Selena Gomez

If the river makes a noise its because water is running. And that is what has happened in recent days in the newsrooms of half the world, where the rumor of the reconciliation between Selena Gómez and Justin Bieber grew by leaps and bounds.

After several years of comings and goings, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez decided to put the end to their love story in 2014. Since then, the couple has tried to maintain a cordial relationship, an objective that they have not always achieved. However, since the ex Disney star announced last September having undergone a kidney transplant, they have maintained an almost daily contact.

In the last few weeks, and before Gomez broke up with the Canadian, known as The Weeknd, with whom she has been dating for ten months, everyone was talking about Selena and Justin being more and more close, and they looked too close to be friends.

Now, sources close to the US Weekly portal confirms the rumor of rapprochement and a possible reconciliation between Justin and Selena, who have already been together in the apartment that the singer has in the famed Studio City district in Los Angeles.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Cycling

The clue that led to this conclusion are some images of the couple of young people caught when they took a bike ride through Los Angeles. An idyllic snapshot in which Selena is smiling. In other photographs, the young woman rests her head on the Canadian’s shoulder, who seems to be telling her something that she likes very much. You can check here the new Justin Bieber hairstyle in this photos.

Other less romantic sources say that the singer does not want to resume his love relationship and that his goal is none other than to support her and help her recover from her illness.

From the middle they state that “Selena and Justin have returned.” Selena’s relationship with The Weeknd simply failed and ended in a friendly way, it was not dramatic and it was not Justin’s fault, but Selena has always had feelings for him.

In the last few weeks, and before Gomez broke up with the Canadian The Weeknd, with whom he has been dating for the past 10 months, the rumors of rapprochement and a possible reconciliation between Justin and Selena began to emerge with force. It spread especially since the What do you mean interpreter visited his ex-girlfriend on Sunday, October 22, in the apartment that the singer owns in the famed Studio City district of Los Angeles. Now, sources close to the US Weekly portal confirm the most anticipated news: they are together.

Recently, the artist, together with France Raisa, her friend and donor, gave details of her operation in an interview for Today. In this interview they spoke of her fears and a second emergency intervention to which she had to undergo due to complications. The surgical process that the two friends underwent was really invasive and both recognized how scared they were, because there were no guarantees that they could get out of the operating room alive.

Raisa’s operation was perfect, however, that of Selena not so much.

“My teeth were chattering nonstop, I was going crazy. It was a six-hour operation, when normally, a kidney transplant is done in about two. Apparently, the kidney was dislodged and there was a problem with one of the arteries, “explained the singer of Wolves . “I appreciate that there are people who know how to act in this type of situation.”

Anyway, the truth is that, since he learned of the operation of his ex-girlfriend, Justin Bieber has not stopped worrying about the singer. According to several international media, the artist is aware of the damage he did to Selena in the past and seeks to mend the wrong done with new and good deeds. “Justin really wanted to go back to Selena,” sources close to US Weekly reported. ” He has been writing it non-stop and making video calls whenever he could.”

Half the world witnessed the complicated relationship between the two. But the followers of both stars trust that the hypothesis of the loving approach is the one that expires and that they manage to have a calmer and slower relationship, especially if one takes into account that Selena has just undergone a hard kidney transplant because of a disease.

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