Justin Bieber is back in the life of Selena Gomez

It seems that after undergoing a kidney transplant donated by her best friend, Selena Gomez plans to meet again with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber after he got in touch with one of his friends after his operation. What will the Weeknd think of this ?

justin bieber selena gomez

Recently Selena Gomez left us all dumbfounded after announcing through her Instagram account that she had had to undergo a kidney transplant (which was donated by one of her best friends) after being damaged by problems with lupus.

After this news was made public, Justin Bieber got in touch with a great friend of Selena, Mandy . The singer wants to meet again with his ex-girlfriend and show his support and affection.

According to reports, Selena would have decided to forgive her ex-boyfriend for good. The problem is that they claim that the Disney ex-girl would have decided not to tell her current boyfriend , The Weeknd , to prevent him from becoming jealous.

The star has admitted that her ex is part of her life again!

The kidney transplant of Selena, has reunited him with Justin; however, it is not on the romantic level, Sel and Justin decided to make peace and be good friends.


According to Life & Style, Justin got in touch with Mandy Teefey,  to find out about the star’s health, after the news of the transplant was announced, and since then they returned to talk.

After clashing and even waging war, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber could be reconciled! Both ex would be ready to turn the page on their past and become friends again.

Some publications have called this a rumor, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are not in touch. The story of their rapprochement after the transplant of the singer is false and has been denied

If one could believe that Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber were again close after their relationship and that they had entrusted: “One is adults” , this story seems quite false. For some time, several tabloids let the rumors swell on a possible return of flame between Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber like In Touch or Life & Style , or just a new story of friendship between the two singers. But all is FAKE ! Gossip Cop rightly wanted to re-establish the truth by ensuring that a very reliable source close to Selena Gomez told them they are NOT in touch and that there is”not the slightest truth” in these stories. A news that risks breaking the heart of the Selena addicts … And it may not be arranged with this news on Justin Bieber who lived a descent into hell: “He was unhappy.” Would you like to see the two artists get closer?

It seems that the message has passed since the singer is ready to move on. Another source revealed to Life & Style that Selena “tells her friends that she and Justin are adults now and that eventually they can be friends . ” A great friendship to come or the return of Selena? While waiting to learn more, discover Selena Gomez in top hyper décolleté, it is style perfect for an exit in New-York . What do you think ?

According to reports, The Weeknd is not happy with this friendship, but he trusts Selena fully and he is sure there is nothing romantic between them.

With the story of Selena and Justin , do you think they can really be friends? We hope so!


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